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Benefits of Certification

UKAS Accreditation

ForeFront is a United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) recognised and approved Certification Body.

UKAS are the sole national accreditation body recognised by the British government to assess the competence of organisations, like ForeFront, that provide certification services. Through this assessment we can demonstrate that we hold the technical knowledge and expertise in a number of industry sectors offering affordable value added certification services.

Benefits of Accredited Certification

By working with a certification body that is UKAS approved
there are many benefits that organisations would expect to see:

  • A UKAS certification body such as ForeFront will support your business by the independence required and will demonstrate due diligence to your interested parties

  • Win new business.  Frequently tenders are specifying that the use of accredited services is the only route to acceptance.  This is particularly prominent in all organisations including the public sector.

  • Opportunities to enter to worldwide markets.  UKAS is globally recognised.

  • Adoption of best practice.  UKAS accredited certification bodies use industry experts with good knowledge of ‘your’ business sector.

  • Offer a Unique Selling Point.  It shows clients evidence of delivering best world class excellence practice across your business.

  • Ensure that relevant statutory and regulatory requirements are met and protect your business future – managing compliance risk and opportunity.

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